What to do During a Recall

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Date: July 31, 2014
Name: What to do During a Recall

Vehicle recalls are at an all time high. Last year, nearly 22 million vehicles were flagged for recalls. Based on that figure, you might have been one of those people affected by a vehicle recall notice. That can be a major concern, not just because its an inconvenience, but also because you could be driving a vehicle thats not safe. So how do you handle that recall notice when you get it in the mail?

First of all, keep in mind that recalls are often just precautionary. It doesnt mean that your car is dangerous or its about to break down. It just means that a problem in the manufacturing process has been identified and might become a problem for you. The recall might be a completely voluntary measure by the automaker, or it might have been mandated by the federal government.

Next, youll want to confirm that its your year and model car that was actually affected. Check out your vehicle at to verify. Recalls are often busy times for automakers and it is possible that your car is not actually subject to the recall notice.

If it is under recall, you need to find out if youre eligible for free repairs or replacement. If your vehicle is less than 10 years old from the date of purchase, then the automaker must repair, replace or provide a refund for the purchase price. If its older than ten years, you might be expected to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

After that, the automaker will have a grace period with which to create a plan of action for your recalled vehicle. Many dealers will do this right away, but keep in mind that they arent required to do anything until the official cut off date.

Finally, if youre having a problem getting the company to handle your recall, you should contact the dealers service manager and give them a copy of the recall notice. If they refuse to act, you should contact the manufacturer directly. You can also file a complaint with the NHTSA if you feel you are not being treated fairly.

Keep in mind that this recall information only applies before you have problems with the vehicle. However, if a defect in the manufacturing process causes you to get into an accident, you might want to talk to an attorney regarding product liability.

Oregon, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are all responsible for the safety of their products. If you or a loved one has experienced an accident due to a defect in the manufacturing process, contact an Oregon product liability attorney to protect your rights.

You can seek compensation for injuries from:

  • Design defects: when the poor or flawed design of a product makes it dangerous
  • Manufacturing defects: when a problem is introduced during manufacturing that makes a product dangerous
  • Marketing defects: when the warning labels or instructions are not sufficient or appropriate to protect consumers from injury

By pursuing damages from companies that allow unsafe products to be created, distributed, and sold in Oregon, you may be helping others who have had similar experiences. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 30 million people are injured every year in the United States due to defective products.

Do not wait to get help: contact a Portland product liability attorney for a free consultation as soon as possible. In product liability cases, it can be imperative to get pictures and start investigating what happened as soon as possible, because product liability cases have their own special (and very difficult) statutes of limitations (ORS 30.905), which can be much shorter than the more common statutes.

Bicycle Accident Insurance Coverage

Posted by 11 Bridges on Friday, July 25, 2014

Date: July 24, 2014
Subject: Bicycle Accident Insurance Coverage

Its summertime again and while lots of people in Portland bike all year round, there are many more people biking or walking to work than usual thanks to the season. So I always like to remind everyone this time of year, there is a wonderful Oregon law just for bicyclists and pedestrians. Im amazed at how many of my avid biking friends dont event know this.

The Oregon Law says if youre hit on a bike or on foot, your car insurance will pay for everything, if the at-fault driver doesnt have enough insurance or if they have no insurance at all. Thats wage loss, medical bills, pain and suffering and non economic damages. Your car insurance will pay for all of that. So what should you do?

You should call your insurance company and buy as much Underinsured and Uninsured motorist coverage as you can. UM/UIM is often how youll see it abbreviated on the declarations page of your insurance policy.

Buy as much as your can afford. Believe it or not, once you get above the minimums, its really, really cheap. If you have home or renters insurance, you can often even link those two together in whats called an umbrella policy. For very little money, you could get up to a million dollars in coverage.

If you get hit on a bike, by someone driving a car, medical bills add up quick. Believe me; we see a lot of people seriously injured in these accidents. When a car hits a person on a bike, the person on the bike always loses. So buy as much underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage as you can afford and youll be covered when youre riding your bike to work in the summer.

4th of July Fireworks Safety

Posted by 11 Bridges on Friday, July 4, 2014

It’s the 4th of July and, while I hate to be the wet blanket on your 4th of July party, Id like to take the opportunity to warn you about fireworks. The rules in Oregon are pretty specific about what kind of fireworks you can buy, but lets face it, lots of people drive over the bridge in Portland and get bigger better fireworks in Vancouver. Fireworks can be fun, but they take a lot of supervision, especially with children.

Every summer I see otherwise totally safe parents letting their children run wild with fireworks, and it always gives me pause. As an example, there is a sad story about a young man that Id like to share with you.

A middle school aged minor I represented had legal fireworks, and went to a friends house to use them. Unbeknownst to him, the boys at the house had used some gasoline in an empty water tank the day before just goofing around and the gasoline didnt burn off all the way. My client lit a tiny firecracker and dropped it in the water tank. Then the whole tank exploded, severely burning his face. Fortunately, he recovered pretty well. They got him to the hospital and he was in the burn unit for 7 weeks before he was released.

This story is a reminder that with fireworks, the potential for serious injury is huge, so enjoy them carefully this 4th of July.

If you or a loved one has a burn injury you should seek medical attention immediately. And if the burn was caused by the actions or negligence of another person or company, you may be able to get compensation.

If the thought of navigating the legal claims process seems overwhelming, consider hiring a compassionate Portland burn injury attorney. They can give you a free consultation to assess your potential claim, and then guide you through to recovery.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th of July. Happy 4th of July!


Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms Can Persist for Years

Posted by Sean DuBois on Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weve all heard the expression thats used when a football player takes a blow to the head and appears shaken up on the field. Commentators virtually make light of the situation by saying, He got his bell rung, which gives the definite impression that if the player goes to the sidelines for a few plays, hell be ready to go again by the next series of downs.

Up until recently, doctors didnt do much to dampen that view. They have long expressed the opinion that the effects of a bang to the head in a car accident, or when playing sports, or when someone trips and falls and hits their head off the floor will dissipate within a short period of time, given a bit of rest and relaxation for the victim.

This theory regarding head injuries has taken a knock of its own recently. A new University of Oklahoma study indicates that traumatic brain injury symptoms can last for years. In many cases, not only do the symptoms not disappear, they dont even decrease in intensity. (more…)

Semi-Truck Accidents Are Complicated, Seek Professional Help

Posted by Sean DuBois on Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oregon Truck Driver Sustains Serious Injuries in Collision with Trees

On Monday, February 18, 2013, Oregon State Police responded to a serious semi-truck crash on Highway 58 that resulted in a commercial truck driver being transported via LifeFlight to Sacred Heart Medical Center with serious injuries.

Still under investigation, the semi-truck accident occurred in the early afternoon about two miles west of Oakridge when the truck driver, whose semi was pulling two semi-trailers, left the highway, went down a steep ditch and came to rest after crashing into a couple of trees. According to an Oregon State Police News Release, the reason for the crash remains under investigation and police had not released the name of the adult male driver of the semi as of Monday evening.

While this accident involved only the truck (still a tragedy for the driver), many semi-truck accidents involve much more than an injured truck driver and the death of a couple of trees.

In fact, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 76% of fatal crashes involving large trucks and 80% of injury crashes involving large trucks, passenger vehicles are involved in 91% of the fatal crashes and 94% of the injury crashesmeaning that if you are involved in an accident with a heavy truck, the likelihood of injury is high. When you think about it, it stands to reason that a semi-truck or large truck that weighs thousands of pounds is no match for a car in a collision. (more…)

The #1 Mistake After an Injury: Not Seeking Medical Care

Posted by Sean DuBois on Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Portland personal injury attorneys are advising people that not seeing a doctor after a motor vehicle accident could mean even bigger trouble paying medical bills than if they went to the doctor right away.

The sad fact is, too many people make the mistake of not seeing a physician within three days of being involved in an automobile accident, and there may be a number of reasons for this.

  • The economic downturn has resulted in fewer people going to their doctors in an effort to save money.
  • Some people think they havent really been injured badly enough to warrant seeing a physician.
  • Still others display what is known as the John Wayne syndrome. They feel they are too tough to have been injured in a fender bender. Even if they feel aches, pains, headaches and dizziness, these people frequently tell friends and family they are fine or maybe just a bit shaken up.

Its a big, costly mistake

Not seeing a physician as soon as possible after being in an auto accident is a serious mistake. Those that opt to tough it out may end up having serious trouble paying their medical bills if and when they ultimately face reality and go see a doctor. (more…)

Tips for Negotiating Your Car Accident Settlement

Posted by Sean DuBois on Monday, April 28, 2014

There are nearly two million Americans each year who suffer injuries from car accidents across the country, and there are at least 20,000 car accidents that end up becoming fatal. It is no surprise then that car accident settlements are on the rise. With this increase in accidents comes an increase in the need for legal professionals who are well aware of the tactics needed in order to properly negotiate a successful car accident settlement and who can help those who have suffered from such terrible accidents to receive compensation for their injuries.

If you are someone who has gone through a car accident, you may now be facing the necessary task of making a claim with the insurance company of the driver who was at fault for the accident. There will be vital steps that you will need to take in order to ensure that the negotiation process is successful. There are several books and resources on this subject; however, if you would like some quick tips, here are a few for negotiating a car accident settlement. (more…)

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